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Dans la presse

« Baltic is a brand that I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of in the next few years. In the lead up to their launch, they built a decently sized social media following and actually took in-person meetings at their showroom outside of Paris, which generated a solid buzz about the brand.  » Zach Weiss - Voir l'article.
«The initial success of Baltic is not surprising, given its vintage inspiration and affordable pricing. Wearing this watch for just a few hours really illustrates why they were, and are, so popular.» Louis Westphalen - Voir l'article.
« Some of the established brands might be pulling their hairs to see how a couple of young watch enthusiasts are able to become the talk of the town and hit the right chords with the audience.  » Robert-Jan Broer - Voir l'article.
« Des belles pièce qui nous manquaient, un esprit franc et transparent, de belles proportions, des prix confortables. » Nicolas Amsellem - Voir l'article.
« Si l’horlogerie traditionnelle traverse une crise persistante, une nuée de nouveaux entrant réussit une belle percée via le réseau de souscription Kickstarter. Baltic est le dernier d’entre eux.  » Nicolas Salomon - Voir l'article.
« Traditional with a touch of modern minimalism, BALTIC watches take cues from little-known 1940s models and bring them up to date with intricate design techniques. » Daniel Pearson - Voir l'article.
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