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Which countries do you ship to?

Once our pre-orders will be ready, we will offer FREE worldwide shipping. We also offer FedEx shipping to USA and Canada For more information regarding shipping prices, please see the shipping information section.

Do you have any stockists?

The BALTIC Watches will be available in several stockists all over the world from end of the year 2017. For more information or if you are interested to distribute our watches, please contact us.

Why your price are fixed for the pre-orders?

Unfortunately, we can’t pre-sell our watches while making a difference between the international prices (VAT-Excluded) and the UE prices (VAT-included) because our pre-order price model doesn’t allow us to do so. We pre-sold our watches the same way on Kickstarter. (VAT included for everyone) In order to be fair for the first 1044 customers we had on Kickstarter, we need to maintain this policy until we sell our stock at full price in late November 2017. Then, international customers will get our watches with VAT excluded prices.

Do you offer appointments to view the range?

Please use the appointments form to arrange to visit either our showroom in Paris. (81 rue Saint Maur)

Can I exchange my BALTIC product?

Absolutely, from receipt of your items, you have 14 days to exchange the watch and straps. You can return them to us, unworn, in exchange for a different style.

How do I return my BALTIC product?

From receipt of your items, you have 14 days to return them for FREE, and we will provide you with a full refund. The refund can only be given if your items are returned unworn and in the original packaging.

Where can I get my watch repaired?

Please contact if your watch needs repairing and our customer service team.

Are BALTIC watches waterproof?

All of our watches are waterproof to 5ATM.

How do I change the straps?

The strap need to be removed by pushing the pump on the side of the lugs through the hole. (You can use a toothpick for example)

Do you offer a personalised engraving service?

Not for the moment
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